Thursday, January 8, 2009

Special Feature Web Site ~ Amanda's Veranda

DickD Comment:  When I posted the link to Amanda's Veranda she told about saving two horses.  An elderly man, who owned them, was in the hospital seriously ill.   He tried to tell the hospital personnel about the horses but they didn't understand.  By chance, the horses were discovered in really bad shape. They  went without much water and had no food.  They were gnawing on the fence posts.  Thanks to Amanda and others, the horses now have help.   However, money is still needed for hay, medications and Vet services.  The elderly man cried tears of joy when he was told his horses have food, water, care, and hopefully good horse rescue homes.  Read Amanda's blog below or specifically:

Click on Buffalo for full size viewing.

Amanda’s Veranda is a special dhsclassmates’ feature.  It will move to right column feature soon.  Amanda is a noted Photographer and she captures her Washington State experience in images.  She also has an interesting dialog on views of life and family.  Be sure to activate the sound playlist at the bottom of her page.  It compliments your web viewing.  She added “Five Feet High and Rising” to her playlist to note the floodwaters in WA today.

Click this to view Amanda's Veranda.


Amanda said...

Thank you so much for calling attention to my blog. Marge has told me so much about you. She said you are the one who came up with the song. Today my blog has a serious urgency to it but please know that it is for the most part a happy calming place. Thanks again.

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