Thursday, September 20, 2007

Submitted by Bob Chyba

Bob Chyba DHS53 commented on book signing: Congratulations Yvonne.....your pics look good. I'd never recognize Dick. He grew up on the street in back of us and I was at his house almost daily in summer. His mom was our Cub Scout Leader. I started building a soap box derby racer and when school was out for the summer, I went to stay with my grandma and uncle by Yankton. Dick took what I had done and finished it. Won the derby in Lead with it and went on to the Nationals. In Akron OH I think. The town merchants bought the wheels and material for us kids and we built them in the basement of some bldg on Main St. The guy that was the overseer was Lyle Elwood. I remember he was the Postmaster and a nice guy. Funny I even remembered that.

~~~Dick D comment: Bob first meontioned Lyle Collins who is a nice guy too and is related to the Lee Street "Pop" Collins - Grab it and Growl. "Pop" hated Democrats so every Roosevelt dime he got went into the Slime Creek. Well at least some of them. A few years before "Pop" died he shared his recipe for Chili with me. It was in ingredient amounts to make a large "brick" of chili to store in refrigerator so that he never run out of chili. The first ingredient is lard which would really ring the trans-fat bell of today.~~~


Yvonne said...

Dick, this was a great insight to Pop Collins and am sure we all do remember his little bar stool restaurant and cheap prices. So funny about his being a Rep. and from what you say he was really a die hard one. Don't think there are too many of those around these days! I can recall my mother buying those similar kinds of chili blocks at the store, don't see those around anymore either. It is so much fun remembering the past. Can we have an all school reunion every year? I would absolutely love it!! Couldn't we just say, everyone meet in Deadwood at a place, in a week in some month of the year? No work for anyone. We could get out the message in the newspaper and on the blog spot along with e-mails. Those that really care would show up. What do you think? Every year too often?...not for me. I for one would be there. I loved high school and all it stood for.

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