Sunday, July 15, 2007

1904 Deadwood Image View from John Korneman

John Korneman gave me this photo years ago. You can see the Bullock Hotel and Trebers Bottling Shop. In near foreground right is what is labeled as John Sohn's Cabin Shop on Lee Street. Sohn was a shoe maker and did shoe repair. In 1947/48 he was my first Deadwood Pioneer Times delivery. He was quiet but knew all the Deadwood history. He was there in 1876 and made boots for Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. He did not like to talk about them as said they were not nice people and those were bad times. I should have listened more and wrote what he had to say. I have wondered all these years if he had family and what happened to all the history he had collected.


Yvonne said...

I love this view of the city in 1904. My dad was one year old then. You are looking at houses on the hill on Williams St. and Forest Ave. and I believe several are still standing today. You may also be looking at a white house on the very end of Centennial Ave. that was my grandparents George and Sarah Spaulding. It may also have been Gorhams home on Forest Ave.

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